Personal Health Services at Hand

Medic+ is a personal healthcare platform. From searching for doctors to managing medical history, with digital infrastructure based on data and artificial intelligence (AI), Medic+ is ready to serve you in healthcare.

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Solutions for Your Health Needs

Online Consultation

Chat with Doctors as needed

You are free to choose to chat via chat or telephone calls with our officially licensed and experienced doctor partners.

Personal Health Records

Record your Health History with PHR

Need to review health periodically, just check on Medic+! All your health data is stored in full, starting from the list of consultations, allergies, immunizations, lab results, Covid-19 Vaccine certificates, Covid-19 Test results are there.

Smart Healt+

Personal Smart Health Monitoring

Now check your health condition as easy as selfie. With Smarthealth+ you can detect your health condition via a face or finger scan in just minutes

Health Articles

Read Health Articles

Find out tips and trick related to health and fitness

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Clinic Appointment

Search and make appointments with doctors at hospitals/clinics in just minutes. No need to wait in long queues and spend hours at the hospital/clinic.

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Flexible Buy and Redeem Drugs at the Pharmacy

Buying medicines, supplements and other medical devices is more practical. All you have to do is order from home, your medicine will be delivered directly to your house. Coming soon to Medic+.

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Test your DNA to find out your hereditary history, disease risk, and lifestyle that matches your genes.

Medic+ uniqueness

  • Access Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Data Analysis & AI
  • Cross Country Consulting Services
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Vital Health Test

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology through a smartphone camera & finger scanning, the results of your health test can be known quickly in just seconds, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, HRV-SDNN, stress level, and blood pressure.