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The following terms of service (“Terms of Service”) shall constitute lawful agreement in relation to procedure and requirements of use of feature and/or service (“Service”) of Medic+ Platform (“Platform”) between the User (“You” or the “User”) and Platform administrator, namely 9Sky Ventures Pte. Ltd. (“Us, We” or “Medic+”). By accessing, using or participating in the Platform and/or enjoying Our Service, You agree that You have read, understood, comprehended, accepted and agreed with all information, terms of service of Platform as contained in these Terms of Service.

If You disagree with one of, the part, or all of the contents as contained in these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must cease using Our Service. Please delete the Platform in Your electronic device and/or do not access the Platform and/or do not use Our Service. Please also note that these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall be subject to renewal from time to time. Any revisions to these Terms of Service will become effective the first time you access or use the Service after such changes have been posted.

1. General Condition

  1. The Platform is an application (Android or iOS version), web application (application that can be accessed using web), website managed by Us as renewed from time to time.
  2. Internet connection will be needed in order to be able to use Service and the fee relating to the use of the internet connection shall be fully borne by You.
  3. The Platform will function as the facility to connect You and any third party that provides the service or sells product to You such as (but without limitation to) doctor, psychologist, midwife, veterinarian, pharmacy, laboratory, and/or delivery service (“Service Provider”).
  4. The type of service that can be used through the Platform shall be as follows; chat with doctor; health store; booking visitation with a doctor at hospital (visit hospital) and other service that we can add from time to time (“Service”).
  5. This Platform will facilitate search for Service where we are in cooperation with the health service provider, pharmaceutical service provider or delivery service provider.
  6. We can use the service of the third party in relation to payment service providers. In case of any failure in the payment system, We will exert our best to help resolve any problem which may arise. The banking/payment service provider selected by You can impose an additional fee against You for the service rendered.
  7. The Platform enables You to send a request for a certain Service to the Service Provider. The Service Provider has its own policy and full authority to accept or refuse Your request for Service. If the Service Provider accepts Your request, the Platform will notify You and provide information regarding the Service Provider, including order number and capacity to contact the Service Provider via telephone.
  8. Every feature or facility in the Platform can be renewed or changed according to the need and development of the Platform.
  9. You can provide information regarding personal data and medical history, and We will store and display it in your account. The confidentiality of Your data is secured and will be used by Us and/or Service Provider for the need of interaction with doctor and/or the need for order of medicines as well as any other services which are rendered within the Platform that You agree with accordance to the prevailing legislation and Privacy Policy.
  10. By using the Platform, You understand and agree that the conversation via the feature of video call, voice call, audio recording or chat shall be kept automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and the information will not be disseminated to any third parties.
  11. You understand and agree that Your conversation with Our customer service will be stored automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and information will not be disseminated.
  12. You understand and agree that Your communication with the health service facility connected through phone number at Our website will be kept automatically and archived for legal purpose and improvement of service quality. The confidentiality of Your conversation will be secured and information will not be disseminated.
  13. We can stop or limit the registration process or the use of Platform by You if there is any violation against these Terms of Service or the prevailing legislation.

2. Conditions of Use Platforms

  1. You represent and warrant that You are an individual having the rights to enter into an agreement which is binding based on the Law of Singapore and that Your age is at least 21 (twenty one) years old or not existing under trust or custody. If You are under 21 (twenty one) years old and single, You represent and warrant that You have obtained permission from Your parent or legal guardian, unless stated otherwise by You. By giving approval, Your parent or legal guardian agree to be responsible for (i) all of Your acts in relation to access to and use of Platform and/or Service; (ii) any fee in relation to Your use of Service whatsoever; and (iii) Your compliance with this Terms of Service. We can close or cancel Your account if Your representation and warranty is not true. You further represent and warrant that You have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and shall always comply with the Terms of Service. If You register in favour of a legal entity, You also declare that You are authorized person to act for and on behalf of the said legal entity and to enter into and bind the legal entity to the Conditions of Use of Platform.
  2. You can use some certain features on the Platform without registration
  3. You can use all features at the Platform by registering and followed by providing information regarding Your personal data which is legally accountable as required on the Platform (“Personal Data”). The information which is related to Personal Data as already given will only be used by Us and/or Service Provider for the provision of services on the Platform and for any other purposes that You have agreed according to the prevailing legislation. Privacy Policy as attached (as renewed from time to time) shall become the integral part of these Conditions of Use.
  4. After registration on the Platform, You will obtain a certain personal account that can be accessed by a One Time Password (OTP) that shall be sent to Your registered cellular phone number. You will not assign, transfer nor give authority to the other person to use Your identity nor Your account. You will be required to keep confidential Your account password and every identification that We give to You on Your account or Personal Data. In case of any disclosure of Your password occurring not due to Our mistake, in any way whatsoever causing unlawful and unauthorized use over the account or You, transaction or order of Service made through the Platform are still be considered as lawful transaction unless if You have notified Us regarding the said matter before the Service Provider renders the Service as requested.
  5. You will be responsible for every use of Your Account at the Platform. If You have no control over Your account due to any reason whatsoever, then You are required to report the same to Us. In case of misuse of Your account by the other person prior to the said reporting, then the use of the account at the said period will be Your responsibility.
  6. You shall not be allowed to endanger, misuse, change or modify the Platform in any way whatsoever. We reserve the right to close or cancel Your account and prohibit You from using the Platform if You do not comply with these Conditions of Use.
  7. By using the Platform, You understand, agree and comply in accordance with those as required by Our Privacy Policy.
  8. You will use the Platform only for purpose of obtaining Service, and will not misuse nor use the Platform for any activities which are against the law, including but without limitation to criminal act of money laundering, embezzlement, thievery, deception or terrorism. You also agree that You will not place fake orders through the Platform and will not perform any unlawful acts by using the Platform.
  9. By registering on this Platform and providing us information about yourself, You consent to your data/information being user by Us and the Service Provider.
  10. You agree that every information in any form whatsoever, including but without limitation to video, audio, picture or inscription existing at the Platform have the Intellectual Property rights (including but without limitation to the rights of brand and copyright) respectively. You will not be allowed to use, change, facilitate, spread and/or damage the rights over the Intellectual Property without permission from the owner of the Intellectual Property rights as set out in the prevailing legislation.
  11. When accessing and using the Platform including every feature and its service, You shall not be allowed to:
    a. transfer Your account on the Platform to another party without prior approval from Us.
    b. spread virus, spam or any other similiar technology that can damage and/or harm the Platform and any other user of Platform.
    c. install or remove features on the Platform without approval from Us.
    d. place any information or any other application which violates the Intellectual Property rights of the other party on the Platform.
    e. take or collect personal data belonging to users from other Platforms, including but without limitation to email address without approval from such users.
    f. use the Platform for anything which is prohibited based on the prevailing law and legislation.
    g. use the Platform to distribute, publish, post, upload, circulate or store any material which is harrassing, threatening, defamatory, harmful, or is otherwise offensive or objectionable.
  12. You acknowledge and agree that the Service rate as contained in the Platform shall be subject to change.
  13. All health articles that We display on the Platform are used for the purpose to educate the user and not constitute a substitute for the suggestion, diagnosis or medical treatment from Our partner doctor service.
  14. All information of medicines that We display is general information in nature according to that as contained in the packing of the medicines.
  15. The Platform has a link with various sites which are operated by third party partners. The said link is available for Your convenience and are only allowed to be used to provide access to the site of the third party and not for the other purposes. The quality, content or information of Product or service shall be made available by the site operated by the third party partner.

3. Service

A. Chat with Doctor Feature

  1. This feature facilitates Our partner doctors, psychologists, and/or clinical psychologists as the Service Provider to interact with You through video calls, voice calls or chats that can be accessed through the Platform.

  2. You may contact Our partner doctors, psychologists, and/or clinical psychologists when the status of Our partner doctors, psychologists and/or clinical psychologists is online.

  3. You may cancel the booking Chat with our partner doctors, psychologists, or clinical psychologists while the cancellation fees applied. The refund process as the result of cancellation of booking Chat shall be made according to the prevailing procedure.

  4. Our partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists may cancel the booking also. The refund process in case of cancellation of booking Chat shall be made according to the prevailing procedure.

  5. If You are not present during the scheduled appointment date and time that You have chosen, then You agree that the fee You have already paid cannot be refunded.

  6. We will send an appointment notification of Chat with Doctor through push notification on Your electronic device. You should, in order to be able to receive push notification that We send and activate the said push notification.

  7. You acknowledge and agree that this feature will not serve as replacement for physical check-ups and medication with doctors in general or face to face meetings with them directly.

  8. We will provide Our best efforts to ensure that the partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists who are registered on the Platform and/or Website can provide a response on your questions as soon as possible. However, We do not recommend You to use the Platform for urgent medical conditions.

  9. Our service is not compulsory or binding in nature. Your decision to use this Service shall be your responsibility. The Platform will only serve as an interaction facilitator between partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists who are registered with Us as Service Providers.

  10. You understand that You need to share information and explain various symptoms or physical complaints that You feel completely, clearly and accurately when during the consultation with Our partner doctors through the Chat with Doctor feature.

    A1. Rest Recomendation

    1. By using Chat with Doctor feature, the doctor can provide you with a Rest Recommendation based on the doctor’s sole discretion.
    2. The Rest Recommendation cannot be used for the purpose of police investigation or court process.
    3. You fully understand that the Rest Recommendation is only a recommendation from the doctor to take a rest at home and it could not be defined as a sick letter.

B. Health Store Feature

  1. This feature allows the delivery of orders for over-the-counter medicines (green dot), limited over-the-counter medicines (blue dot), prescribed medicines (red dot), vitamins and non-medicine health devices, non-medicinal healthy food and beverage (“Product”) to You.
  2. This feature cannot be used for the delivery of medicines which are classified as narcotics and psychotropic groups and medicines available only on doctor’s prescription included into certain medicines according to prevailing regulations.

C. ePHR Feature

Electronic Digital Personal Health Records (ePHR) is a User’s digitized personal health record in Medic+ which contains user data relating to:

  1. medical history
  2. history of illness
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. laboratory and test results
  5. doctor’s note
  6. allergy list
  7. list of immunizations & vaccines carried out
  8. any relevant medical data

which is wholly owned by the User and is not permitted to be accessed without the consent of the User. With the permission of the User at any time the data may be shared with authorized and interested parties such as doctors, laboratories, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia within a certain period of time.

Digital Personal Health Records (ePHR) of Medic+ for Users.

  1. Always available and encrypted in the database when the User completes a health consultation either through Our Doctor, Lab, and Clinic Partners.
  2. ePHR can be managed by the user but only the data that the user has added by themselves. This does not include data issued by hospitals/clinics/labs/doctors.
  3. ePHR can also be added to the number of other family members desired.
  4. the user can only delete ePHR that was added by themselves. They may not delete the data issued by the hospitals/clinics/labs/doctors.

D. SmartHealth+ Feature

  1. SmartHealth+ allows user to measure and display various vital signs indicators instantly including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), oxygen saturation, respiration rate, parasympathetic activity, sympathetic stress and pulse respiratory quotient (PRQ).
  2. By using SmartHealth+ feature, You can get the measurement for various vital signs indicators only through the fingers and face with no additional hardware required.
  3. By using the SmartHealth+ feature, You acknowledge and agree that if you rely on any Services, including without limitation the Smarthealth+, you do so solely at your own risk.
  4. Smarthealth+ makes no warranty regarding the accuracy and completeness of any statistics, parameters, data or information monitored and/or displayed through any of the Services (“Smarthealth+”).
  5. The Services and the Smarthealth+ are not intended to diagnose, treat, monitor, cure, or prevent any disease, and are not intended to match or replace:
(a) any services or information produced by medical or scientific measurement devices; and/or
(b) any diagnosis by you or your physicians of consumption of medication or any other medical parameters; and/or
(c) any services or treatments by physicians and other medical care professionals.
  1. Additionally, Smarthealth+ provides no warranties that the Services will meet your requirements and/or any medical or regulatory standards or be available on an uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis.

  2. We do not accept liability for any error or omission, injury, expense, loss (including, without limitation, loss of the Smarthealth+) or damage caused, in whole or in part, by you or any other third party’s actions, omissions, or negligence.

  3. Without derogating from the above mentioned, you acknowledge that the Services may be impaired or produce inaccurate or incorrect output (including without limitation Smarthealth+) due to, without limitation:

    a. the provision by you of incorrect details; and/or
    b. use of the Application when it is not updated with the last available update; and/or
    c. use of the Application other than as instructed by Smarthealth+

E. Other Features

E.1 Lab Test
  1. This feature facilitates the laboratory check for You who is unable to come directly to the laboratory.
  2. You can choose the type of laboratory check-up based on the package as available on the Lab Tests feature according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  3. Availability of package type and schedule for Laboratory check-ups that You choose will be adjusted to the schedule of each of Our partner laboratories.
E.2 Clinic Dashboard

The clinic dashboard is a systematic feature available to Our Clinic Partners for the provision of health & services which allows clinic’s admins and doctors to:

  1. manage, organize, simplify and digitize all services for patients, doctors, and admins in the clinic.
  2. arrange appointments and cancellations with clinic visits and doctor’s appointments.
  3. manage scheduling of doctors and admins working in the clinic.
  4. manage scheduling of upcoming appointments.
  5. organize patient appointment reports
  6. have and manage patient appointment history records.
  7. add prescriptions with consumption conditions for patients on active appointment sessions.
  8. add notes or doctor’s instructions on active appointment sessions.
  9. Issue and manage invoices for clinics and patients.
  10. convert patient consultation results into Electronic Digital Personal Health Records (ePHR) with Medic+.
  11. organize and manage payment transactions for treatment at the clinic.
  12. provide hospital or laboratory referral letters for patients.

Patients that choose treatment services with any of our Clinic Partners will receive several benefits, such as:

  1. Creating an appointment with a clinic doctor at a nearby location.
  2. Having the results of consultations with doctors, doctor’s notes, drug prescriptions, hospital and laboratory referral letters are automatically stored in Electronic Digital Personal Health Records (ePHR) Medic+,
  3. Having access to view and download doctor’s prescriptions and referral letters from consultation sessions securely.
  4. Converting a Hospital and Lab referral letter into an appointment for a Hospital and Lab
  5. Checking and finding out the amount of costs covered or the amount of reimbursement approved by the insurance for outpatient treatment at Our Clinic Partners.
  6. Choosing a clinic for outpatient based on insurance owned.
  7. Making Our Clinic Partners your favorite clinic.
  8. Having a summary of appointment orders at their preferred Clinic Partner.
  9. Being able to make outpatient payments at the clinic with cash or digital wallets owned.
  10. Receiving proof of payment and invoice for outpatient costs at our Clinic Partners on the patient’s registered email.

4. Your Transaction

  1. In order to be able to make transaction on the Platform, You can use various methods of payment as available on the Platform.
  2. If You are suspicious that there is any unreasonable activity and/or in case of dispute/conflict in relation to Your account, You can contact Us and We will immediately take the necessary action.
  3. In the case of requesting a refund, You can file the said claim maximum of 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of the incident and provide adequate supporting evidence.
  4. In this respect, We will process the refund based on Our assessment of the said claim.
  5. Your Refund will be returned to the same source of payment.
  6. We may suspend any transaction originating from Your account if We identify any problems or suspicious activity relating to Your account or certain transactions.
  7. You understand and agree that the time limit for filing of complaint regarding transactions shall be a maximum of 7 (seven) calendar days after completion date of that transaction.

5. Transaction Conditions

A. Chat with Doctor Feature

  1. You shall be subject to charge at a certain amount in order to be able to use the service of Chat with Doctor.
  2. If You need the video call or voice call with Our partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists, You need to first inform the partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists and will depend on their availability.
  3. When contacting doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists through chat, You can send photos to doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists in relation to Your medical condition using the format of png, jpg and bitmap.
  4. After completion of the Chat session with doctors, they may issue Doctor Notes and Medicine Recommendation. The Doctor Notes shall be the notes of Chat session result with the doctor and suggestions relating to Your medical condition. Medicine Recommendation shall be recommendation containing medicine suggestion or health handling for You. Medicine Recommendation is only recommendation or suggestion in nature.
  5. Our partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists may have a follow up session with You in order to check Your health condition after the initial Chat with Doctor session.
  6. The transaction cannot be cancelled after ending or completion of Chat with Doctor.
  7. We can block or cancel Your account in case of misuse of the Chat with Doctor feature.
  8. Our partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists may provide Doctor Referral for Your reference.
  9. The fee imposed is inclusive of Value Added Tax (PPN).
  10. Appropriateness and accuracy of Our partner doctors, psychologists or clinical psychologists in giving Medicine Recommendation will depend on the accuracy and the completeness of the information provided by You.

B. Health Store Feature

  1. You may purchase over-the-counter medicines (green dot), limited over-the-counter medicines (blue dot), medicines available only by doctor’s Prescription (red dot), vitamins and non-medicinal health devices, non-medicinal healthy foods and beverages.

  2. You shall be subject to price of goods and delivery cost as displayed in the Platform upon notification of “Order Confirmation”.

  3. Delivery time may vary; it will depend on availability and pick-up time of medicines by the courier delivery service from Our partner pharmacies.

  4. Availability of medicines may vary depending on the available stock of medicines in Our partner pharmacies.

  5. In case the order is already taken by Our partner pharmacies and/or under delivery process by Our partner courier, You cannot cancel the order which has already been placed.

  6. The amount of transaction that you can make in the Health Store feature for one transaction shall be a minimum of Rp.10,000,- (Ten Thousand Rupiah) and a maximum of Rp.5,000,000,- (Five Million Rupiah).

  7. The price imposed shall be inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

  8. Especially for medicines with doctor’s prescription, You must enclose document in terms of scan/photo of doctor’s prescription in advance and upload the same through the feature of Upload a Prescription on the Platform for verification of order placed to Our partner pharmacies.

  9. Prescription made by the doctor can only be used 1 (one) time and will not be effective repetitively. If a certain order of Product needs doctor’s prescription but the said prescription is not uploaded to the Platform, then the said order shall be considered null and void.

  10. You are required to provide the original doctor’s prescription that will be used as basis for the order of medicines through the Platform.

  11. In case of problems or constraints with the delivery or purchase of medicines, We will help connect You with Our relevant partner.

    B.1. Subscription Service

    1. This service allows you to arrange orders for health products that must be consumed within a certain time frame.
    2. By using this Service, you authorize us to process payments under Subscription Service.
    3. We will process the payment 3 (three) calendar days before the delivery.
    4. You can cancel the Subscription Service and/or skip the delivery as long as the payment has not been processed. If the payment has been processed, You will need to contact Our customer service to cancel the order.
    5. You may not combine delivery of other products with products purchased via the Subscription Service.

C. Lab Tests Feature

  1. The implementation of Lab Tests feature is in cooperation with a number of partner Laboratories and in this case the implementation of Lab Tests and laboratory examination result shall be made and issued by authorized partner Laboratories.
  2. You will be required to fill in the required data accurately when reserving Lab Tests. If We and/or partner laboratory find any error, inconsistency or suspicion in the data completed by You, We reserve the right to cancel Your order.
  3. Other than for Yourself, You can order the Lab Tests for another person (“Order of Third Party”). You warrant that You have obtained approval which is needed for the Order of Third Party in relation to Service as well as Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.
  4. The Lab Tests will be made based on general procedure from each of Our partner laboratories.
  5. The Price as displayed contained on the Platform upon order is inclusive of all fees (including the fee for Lab Tests and phlebotomist transportation from laboratory location to Your location).
  6. The result of laboratory examination shall be given by Our partner laboratory to You within the period according to the standard procedure practised by each of Our partner laboratories.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that for Your convenience, the result of laboratory examination shall be provided in digital format and uploaded to Your account via the Platform (“Laboratory Test Result”).
  8. By using the Lab Tests feature, You acknowledge and agree that the Lab Tests Result shall be stored in Our system that protected by Our Security system.
  9. You can also request for hardcopy of the Lab Test Result from Our partner laboratory that served You. Any associate fee arising from the said request shall be borne by You.
  10. All contents of the Laboratory Test Result shall be the full responsibility of Our partner laboratories.

6. Use of Cuppon Code

  1. By using a coupon code, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions regarding the use of the coupon code.
  2. Coupon codes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. The discount contained in the coupon code cannot be claimed and/or changed after the purchase and payment has been confirmed by Us.
  4. Each coupon code is valid for a certain period. Please check each coupon You receive to ensure the validity of Your coupon code.
  5. We reserve the right to terminate the coupon code at any time at Our absolute discretion.
  6. We reserve the right, without prior notification, to cancel the use of coupon by You if there is any indication of fraud or violation committed by You against the prevailing law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. On the said cancellation, We cannot provide indemnity in any form whatsoever.

7. Reviews

After using some features, Users have an opportunity to review the Services used (a “Review”). Your Review must be accurate and may not contain any defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, or other language that violates any applicable laws. You further agree and warrant that You shall not submit any content that is known by You to be inaccurate, false, or misleading, that infringes any third party’s copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights or ordinance or regulation, rights of publicity or privacy, statute, that is, or may reasonably be considered to be, hateful, libellous, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing, racially or religiously biased to any individual, partnership or corporation, for which You were compensated or granted any consideration by any third party. If you are affiliated with the Service in any way, You are not allowed to leave any Review and any Review that You leave will be removed. Service Provider have the right to request the removal or amendment of any Review. At Service Provider’s request or on Our own initiative, we may ask You to amend any Review You have left, if it is found to be in breach of Clause 7.

8. Privacy

By using our Service, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy [insert link], which You confirm You have read and understood. The Privacy Policy is integrated into this Agreement.

9. Intellectual Propety Right

  1. We are the license holder of the name, icon, and logo of Medic+ as well as Chat with Doctor and Lab Tests in the Application, being the copyright and trademark protected by the law of Singapore. You represent that you will not use the Medic+ Marks, including as part of trademarks and/or as part of domain names, in connection with any product or service in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or create the impression that Medic+ endorses any product or service. You are unable to use, modify, or attach the name, icon, logo, or the said trademark without the prior written permission of Medic+.
  2. All content on the Site and otherwise available through the Service, designs, video, information, audio, , text, images, graphics, software, and other files, and their selection and arrangement (the “Medic+ Content”), are the proprietary property of Medic+, its Users or its licensors.
  3. All Intellectual Property Right as contained in the Platform based on the laws of Singapore, including in this case the ownership of intellectual property right over all sources of code of the Platform and Intellectual Property Right relating to the Platform. In this respect, You shall be prohibited from committing violation against the intellectual property right as contained in this Platform, including making modification, derivative works, adapting, duplicating, copying, selling, remaking, hacking, selling, and/or exploiting the Platform including use of the Platform for unlawful access, launching automatic program or script, or any program whatsoever which may hinder the operation and/or Platform performance, on in any way whatsoever reproducing or avoiding the structure of navigation or presentation of the Platform or content thereof.
  4. You shall only be allowed to use the Platform solely for personal need and shall not be assigned.
  5. We can take legal action against every violation committed by You in relation to intellectual property right relating to the Platform.

10. Advertising

The Platform can contain advertising regarding product and/or service to be made available by third party (“Advertising”). All information regarding advertising shall be provided by the advertiser. Communication or Your transaction with the advertiser and all terms and conditions or statement which is related to transaction is solely constituting relations between You and the said advertiser.

11. Notice

  1. All notices or request of information to or regarding Us shall be processed if made in writing and sent to Our Corporate address.

  2. All notices and/or requests to or regarding You shall be processed if hand delivered, if sent through courier, registered letter, or e-mail address which is given by You to Us or by way of installing notification or the said request at the Platform that can be accessed by public free of charge. The notification to You shall be considered to have been received by You if and when:

    • We can demonstrate that the notice, either in physical or electronic form, has been sent to You; or
    • We have installed the said notification on the Platform that acceptable by public free of charge.

12. Platform Function

We will make our best effort to ensure that the Platform functions and operates smoothly. Please note that the Platform and/or Our Service feature may from time to time become unavailable at any time unavailable due to various reasons including but without limitation for maintenance purposes or technical matters, or circumstances that are beyond Our control.

13. Disclaimers

Medic+ is not responsible or liable in any manner for any third-party content posted on the Site or the Medic+ App, or displayed in connection with the Service, including but not limited to the accuracy of any review, rating of Service, and doctors availability information. Although we provide rules for User conduct and postings, we do not control and are not responsible for what Users & Service providers post, transmit or distribute on the Medic+ App or the Site and are not responsible for any offensive, unlawful, obscene, inappropriate or otherwise objectionable content you may encounter on the Site or in connection with any User Content or third-party Content. Medic+ is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any User, including any users non-compliance with any terms, conditions and policies relating to the use of any Services. The Service may be temporarily unavailable from time to time for maintenance or other reasons. Medic+ shall have no responsibility for any interruption, delay in operation or transmission, theft or destruction of, unauthorized access to, or alteration of, User communications or any other content made available via the Service. Under no circumstances will Medic+ be responsible for any personal injury or death resulting from the use of the Service, any User Content or third party Content, or any use of Service, products or services provided by Third party.

14. Idemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold Medic+ harmless from and against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in connection with your use of or participation in the Service, your interactions with any Doctors, any Reviews you leave, and any violation of these Terms of Service, or of any law or the rights of any third-party.

15. Termination

  1. If any information provided by the user is inaccurate, in breach of laws or contains indecent elements, We will instantly abrogate the user’s account without notice and we reserves the right to take such action as we consider appropriate, desirable or necessary including but not limited to taking legal action against such user.
  2. We reserve the right at all times to immediately terminate or suspend user’s account or user’s access to the Web Site or the services provided by Us without notice where we are of the opinion that the user has breached any of the terms contained in this agreement or to take further action as we consider appropriate, desirable or necessary.
  3. We reserve the final right and absolute discretion to decide whether the user and service provider have breached any terms of this agreement.

16. Closing

  1. Terms of Service shall be set out and construed as well as performed based on the prevailing law of Singapore and You expressly agree that Civil Law Act 1909 and any other provisions that requires ratification or approval of court to be able to terminate the Terms of Service shall not apply to Terms of Service.
  2. If there is any conflict between these General Terms of Service and rules and/or specific terms of use appearing on this site relating to specific material then the latter shall prevail.
  3. Any dispute in relation to these Terms of Service shall be resolved by deliberation to attain reconciliation or through the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), according to procedure effective in SIAC. If both parties do not agree to resolve the dispute in SIAC then the dispute shall be resolved at any location it considers convenient or appropriate for both parties.